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Social media marketing has been around for over a decade now but there are still companies coming to it for the first time. Safe to say, if you’re not already developing a social media marketing plan, you’re living in the past.

Social media is already the number one platform to reach certain demographics and that’s quickly becoming true for users of all ages and backgrounds. Knowing how to market effectively on these platforms could significantly boost your brand and increase your sales revenue.

Guiding Principles

Overall, when considering your social media content strategy there are two main elements to bear in mind: consistency and variety. These might seem like opposing goals, but used in balance they will make for content that keeps current users engaged whilst attracting new ones.

Firstly, make sure you put out content of a consistent tone on a consistent schedule. Consistency in tone can come from visual elements, the attitude of your copy or the presence of a common face or theme. Users should be able to tell they’re on your page without needing to see your name. As for a publishing schedule, commit to something you can maintain. Users would rather find one post a day every day for a week than 7 posts on one day followed by 6 days of silence.

Once you have consistency, you need to inject some variety into your content plan. Avishai Coen, a social media blogger at Lastminutewriting.com and Writinity.com, says “Even if you’re posting content of a similar tone once a day, if each of these posts is a product promotion users will quickly think that’s your only offer and stop coming back. Change things up; even if you’re still promoting your product, doing so in different ways is far more likely to engage users.”

Post Ideas

On that note, here are a few ideas on posts. Most of these are ways in which you can package your content, so you can still gear them towards whatever marketing goals you have in mind. Try a few out and don’t be afraid to be creative!

  • 1. Photos of your team - Take a photo of one or more members of your team and give a little insight into who they are and what they do. It’s a great way to humanize your company and engage with personal stories with very little effort. Also, image posts containing faces are more likely to get likes than those without.

  • 2. Videos - No matter your business, no matter what form they take, if you’re not posting videos your missing out. Matthew Islington, a tech writer at Draftbeyond.com and Researchpapersuk.com, says that “Video content has been proven to be the most effective medium for marketing on social media, receiving far more shares and likes than static images or textual content. There are lots of ways to implement video content into your specific marketing, from promos to instructionals to video presentations. Think about how you could make your content visual and you will be half the way there.

  • 3. User-Generated Content - If you’re struggling with regular fresh ideas for posts, you can turn to your users for help. User-generated content, or UGC, is the catch-all term for content derived from user interactions. This can be anything from product reviews to direct messages to hashtags, anything that centers the user and their experience. Not only is this a really easy way to develop content, it also shows you’re engaged with your users and helps them build trust in your brand.

  • 4. Company Achievements - Has your company reached a milestone recently? Maybe you’ve just reached a certain number of followers or sales, or you’re having an anniversary? Perhaps you’ve won an award or been invited to a prestigious event? Social media posts are a great place to celebrate your achievements and thank your users. It shows you value them whilst also portraying your success as a company.

  • 5. Hashtags and Trends - Taking advantage of hashtags and trending topics is perhaps the best way to continually repackage your content to keep it relevant. Keep an eye on trending hashtags and think of how they might be relevant to your products or brand. There are some regular ones you can plan for like #tbt (throwback Thursday), which you could use to post archival images or look back on previous achievements, or #MondayMotivation, which could pair well with inspiring quotes from your staff or management. Try not to tie yourself too much to specific trends because they might disappear before you’ve joined the bandwagon and leave you looking out of the loop.

The Takeaway

The lesson from all of this is to keep trying new posts and not to rely on the same content day in, day out. Experiment and learn from your previous content and you’ll be on your way to great social media marketing!

This article has been provided by our friend William Floyd.

William Floyd is a writer for Luckyassignments.com and Gumessays.com. He is passionate about self-development, and helping others land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace. He has taught hundreds of students how to build a steadily growing business over the last 30 years. In his spare time, he loves reading leadership books and researching social media marketing tips and tricks.

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