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Increase your online visibility, keep your present customers interested in you, make it easier for new clients to find you and guard your online reputation from attack. Whether you're just starting out, or a well established small business, there's a Local Fame package to meet your needs. You'll benefit from our team of dedicated professionals who'll help you get the most from local search platforms and directories and keep you up the search rankings where you're most easily found.

Below you'll find a brief introduction to the different packages available and what you'll get in each case. Whichever package you choose you'll be handing over your online profile to experts who know how best to promote any business online. You'll get to spend the time and energy they'll free up on doing the things you're best at. Any time you'd like to know more about how we'll adapt our services to your specific needs, just give us a call, we'd love to hear from you. If you can't see exactly the package that suits you, drop us a line anyway! We'll work with you to tailor something that meets your needs.

Fame Essentials

An idea package for staLocal Famert up businesses. We'll create or update your Google places and Google + local business page, submit your information to up to 25 local business directories and make sure that we select the most appropriate ones for your specific type of business. We'll link this to your company website, blog or social media pages. As if this wasn't enough, we'll also make sure that your keywords are optimised for local directories, that your business details are accurate and that your listings maintain freshness and interest by adding photos, videos and other content.We'll do those updates on a quarterly basis. We'll increase your local search rankings and drive more traffic and customers in your direction. We don't expect you to just take our word about what we've done so we'll report back to you regularly about what we've done and the effect it's having. There's no contract to sign so you're not tied into anything.


Now that you're a little bit famous you'll want to take things a further. We'll increase the number of keywords we optimise for you and report back to you more often. You'll get your own personal account manager, submission to up to 50 directories and month updates of those. As with Fame Essentials you're not tied to any contract, but when you choose to take out a quarterly subscription we'll also offer you the option of add on reputation management. Maintaining a great online reputation becomes increasingly important as your business grows.

Super FameFlexibility

When you want to be a super star, we're with you all the way. Yet more keywords, daily reporting, submissions to up to 100 directories and unlimited updates. and when you take out a quarterly subscription we'll even throw in our reputation management for free.

Start to get Famous Today

Take the first step, ask for your free local search visibility report or fill in our contact form below and tell us a little about how you'd like to see your business develop over the next year or so. We'll help you plan your online marketing and make sure you get the local fame you deserve. You'll find that all of our support staff are expert in their roles and they won't hide behind technical terms that are difficult to understand. Expect to get your options explained in plain English and feel free to ask as many questions as you want to. Why not give us a call, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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