Analysis: The Best April Fool’s Online Marketing Campaigns 2015 Edition


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The Best April Fool's campaigns of 2015

Have you ever wished to wake up and see that your website suddenly went viral and you have incredible numbers of visitors/bookings/sign ups? If you own a business and have thought about promoting it online or even tried some online marketing, this idea might have crossed your mind at least once. However, did you do anything to reach this dream? Some might talk about great PPC strategies, some tricks and attempts to build links all over the internet.

But instead of trying to perfect in extremely common methods, why not trying to stand out by actually standing out? Success never comes to those who just want it. It comes to those who work for it. Days like April fool’s actually possess a great value for online marketing and it should not be underestimated. This day is a great opportunity to rapidly increase brand awareness within your target audience and much more than that.

What are the success factors of great April fool’s online campaign?

  • It is believable – it is easier to agree with the joke, than to prove it wrong
  • Plays with what people would actually want to see in the future
  • High quality – you don’t want the whole campaign fail because it looks too fake
  • It is just ridiculous – the absurdness of it makes people share it
  • Hot topic – this year it was joking about Top Gear’s now-ex-host – Jeremy Clarkson

Different combinations of these and some other factors create special value of the content. Also, if a company is known as very formal and conservative online behaviour, a great epic prank might blow up the community and spark discussions. Such discussions generate priceless mentions all over the internet. At the same time, even the most spontaneous-looking prank must be sufficiently planned and thought through.

Smart jokes, silly pranks, unexpected irony or boldness, or even just a typo are all carriers of enormous potential energy. The job of April fool’s online marketing campaigns is to convert this into moving force.

This is exactly what happened when agencies claimed someone Matt Cutts joins their board of directors and steps down from Google or all the tales about Jeremy Clarkson joining another crew. When properly used, these jokes generate enough traffic and conversion rates to cover any expenses related to developing a short film or any other creative campaign.

And here are some of the best examples that made people share, comment, discuss and just laugh:

See a collection of the Best April Fool’s campaigns in pictures gathered by the Telegraph or take a look at a collection from the Guardian. Or save some time and watch a video compilation.

Knowing that these collections are annually created by various sites with high online power, online marketers should not underestimate the power of a good joke. Reshares from amused users and agencies, mentions by big names and many other positive effects will definitely make your day.

Take a closer look at some of the best campaigns mentioned above and who knows, maybe a muse will visit you. Make a strategy and maybe it will be your business that takes the spot on the front page of the Guardian with the next great prank. And if you need help putting your idea to life or even brainstorming on the matter – call your online marketing friends at Local Fame.

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