How to write the BEST salon marketing plan?


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Are you wondering how to write the most effective marketing plan for your salon? Need help creating a salon marketing strategy that really, really works? How about turning your website visitors into actual customers? We’ve got the best tips for you!

Creating an effective salon marketing plan is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, you know your business better than anybody else, but unlike a business plan, a beauty salon marketing plan needs to be really strategic and should include objectives, facts and figures. A killer good salon marketing plan is way more than just a list of your set business goals – it’s points of action, and most importantly a good strategy on how to implement them all!

So how do you create the best beauty salon marketing plan?

Step 1 – Be realistic and keep it short

Before you begin writing, it is important to remember - the lengthier your salon marketing plan is, the easiest it is to lose track of your objectives and progress. Use bulleted sections to make your plan easier to follow and get straight to the point. Don’t set yourself goals that you are unlikely to achieve, this will most likely put you off your plan, in case you fail them. Keep your desired objectives ambitious, so that you can aim to prosper, but make sure that you can deliver to your expectations in order to avoid disappointment!

Step 2 – Consider your beauty salon’s past and current situation

Even if you have a strong salon marketing plan filled with the latest trends and best tactics, that does not guarantee it will actually work in the real world to your business’ benefit! Looking back at what worked in the past year, what didn’t and where the gaps in your salon marketing strategy are is the most important indicator of what tactics can actually work for you! Assessing your progress and your past budget will help you understand which area of your beauty salon marketing plan requires more of your attention and money.

Start by asking yourself – what is it that I wanted to achieve last year, which I didn’t? Did my business meet its financial goals during the last year? Having assessed your salon’s past situation you can then move forward to your current one. How has it changed? What can be done to achieve better results?

Remember, the more aware you are of your beauty salon’s strength and weaknesses, the more efficiently are you to achieve your marketing goals!

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Step 3 - Describe your target audience and get to know it

If there is a universal tactic which stands on the basis of any good marketing plan – it is this one - know your target audience and get to know them good!

And what I mean by that is not running around the salon and making friends with any of your clients – yes, this is a great tactic to create personal connection – but what I mean is actually even more important because it helps you reach both existing and potential customers and the second one helps you expand your business revenue!

Step 2 of this salon marketing plan, which was to do situation analysis will help you a lot in identifying your target audience. Having assessed what worked for you and what did not paints a good picture of your target audience.

So try to put yourself in your potential and existing customers’ shoes – who are they? Are they male or female, maybe both? Where do they live – do they live across the street from your salon or are they travelling 20 minutes just to get there? What inspires them? What kind of lifestyle do they lead? Do they come for the friendly atmosphere or because of affordable prices? What type of beauty treatments might they be interested in trying?

You might want to consider your target audience in terms of demographics—age, sex, family composition, earnings and geographic locations. This generally works, but don’t be afraid to dig deeper.

Step 4 – Set goals effectively

After you have a bit more knowledge of what works for your beauty salon and what does not, as well as who you are targeting, you are now ready to set effective marketing objectives, tailored to meet your beauty business’ needs.

A key tactic is to keep your objectives SMART – Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Realistic and Time-limited. The marketing plan which works for other salons, might not work for you, consider your brand identity and keep it at the core of your salon marketing plan. Even more importantly, aim to differentiate – what is it about your salon brand that is unique? Use that to strengthen your brand identity and keep it consistent!

Close your eyes and imagine you’re a salon customer– how would you love your hair to be treated, how do you want to be treated, how do you feel about the salon’s brand. Try to work backwards from this in helping you set tailored objectives to fit your branding and business goals.

Remember: you’re selling an experience, not just service! Try to evaluate your salon services – do you just offer a simple haircut, for example, or is your staff engaging with your clients while giving them a haircut and making them feel appreciated and taken good care of?

Best service is the one which doesn’t feel like service but as experience. This is the key to making your customers come back for more and creating an emotional connection with them.

Step 5 – Always think about “what is next”? Get innovative!

Efficient salon marketing plans help your business grow if done properly. Aim to think innovatively. How can your business develop further?

Are you aiming at expanding your customer base to a higher-market audience for example? Consider developing a ‘premium branding’. Take notes from fashion brands such as H&M who are generally considered as affordable, working-class brand, yet skillfully manage to extend their customer base to higher market through collaborations with high-market designers and celebrities to achieve a ‘premium branding’.

So… how can you apply this to your salon marketing plan? Develop luxurious services which could include a special extra – let’s say premium pedicure service, using luxurious nail care products, combined with a glass of prosecco. Sounds good? Get creative, but remember to be realistic about how far your branding can expand. It’s important to not lose your branding consistency!

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