Don’t Let Web Vandals Damage Your Online Search Rankings


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The Web Vandals Are Always Looking for Vulnerabilities.

You might assume that your online presence is safe from such attacks. Sadly you'd be wrong, there are web vandals too. Those who seek to destroy that which you have created. Maybe it's jealous competitors, or simply be the bored and malicious. In some ways it doesn't matter, the effect is the same. The worst of it is that web vandals can be much more subtle than those who create their havoc in the physical world. So it helps to understand how vandals vandalise and how Local Fame can protect you against their destructiveness.

Negative Links

You won't see these unless you know where to look. The search engines will see them though. If someone has pasted your site with backlinks to dubious sites you can expect the ranking of your page to drop as a result. This could happen as a one off attack in which case you'll have a dramatic drop, or it could happen as a sustained process. In the worst case scenario your site could be excluded from the search engines altogether. The risk of negative links are one very good reason for having a webmaster check over your site on a regular basis, just to see what's going on behind the 'shop front' of your visible page.

Copying Your Site

The Builders and The Wreckers.

Imitation is definitely not the most sincere form of flattery when it comes to websites. If someone duplicates your content you'll rank lower in the search results. Almost as bad they might manage to divert some of your customers and steal your sales. Because the web is a big place you might not spot your imitator unless you make a habit of running searches on yourself.

How Local Fame Will Protect You Against the Web Vandals

Think of us as something like your own private security firm. When you ask Local Fame for online reputation management services we'll be checking your site regularly to make sure that all is as it should be. If negative links are posted we'll get them removed and we'll work with Google and other search engines to make sure you're not penalised for the actions of others. If someone copies your site, we'll find it. Running those searches to see what associations come up for your company is one of our standard tasks. We'll contact the owner of the site and the hosting company to get the duplicate content removed. If need be we'll take legal action, though to be honest it rarely comes to that. Like so many other low-lives, web vandals tend to be opportunists and cowards. Call them out and they'll back down and look for a victim less savvy than you.

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