How to Engage Customers and Assess the Effects of Your Advertising


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We'll-make-sureWhen you might not see immediate benefits, you need to find some way of measuring the effect of what you're doing. You might look at the number of followers on your page, but webmasters are increasingly recognising that quality is more important than quantity. It's easy for people to click on a page button and declare themselves fans. The number of people who've done this matter to an extent, but what matters more is that they engage with your page, comment on your posts or retweet your tweets. You need to measure your influence, or to phrase it another way, you can measure your Klout.

How Much Klout Do You Have?

If you haven't yet heard of Klout, you can check it out online. Klout is designed to measure your influence on the internet. Not how many followers you have, but how many of them actively engage with you. Not how often you post, but how much reaction your posts generate. When you need to assess your impact and can't do so in direct and immediate sales boosts, this is a way to measure the things that are now recognised to be useful predictors of future benefits. Klout is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 and based on activity over the last 90 days.You can try it outYou may have heard about the effect of Ellen Degeneres' selfie, tweeted on the night of the Oscars. An impressive 3 million people shared this photo, the first time any one post has achieved more than 1 million retweets. Ellen shut down twitter and raised not only her own Klout score, but also that of everyone who shared the picture.

Lessons for Small Business Holders

Of course Ellen is already a much loved celebrity, 3 million tweets raised her score by less than 3 points, but then she stood at over 92 to start with. Those who shared her picture also saw their own scores raised. Those who added a comment of their own saw a far more significant rise than those who simply retweeted.There are several messages here. Sharing content that others find interesting will raise your profile. Adding your own slant rather than just passing things on will bring added benefits. Interaction online is good for all all participants, so your followers and customers benefit you and themselves when they engage in your online content. By showing your interest and engagement with things outside your own page you'll also increase your own online influence.Because Klout score is a measurement of activity over a recent short time, the other lesson here is that online success isn't a static thing. Online reputation and influence is something that's builr up over time and has to be maintained. Find out more about how you can increase your own online profile with the help of Local Fame. Every business is different and has different needs, we'd love to talk to you about the strategies that will work for you.

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