Internet Marketing for Beauty Salons and Hairdressers

There are innovative approaches to beauty salon marketing, approaches that take advantage of changing customer behaviours. Consider some of the following to stay a step ahead of your competitors, and show that you’re a cut above the rest.

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Online Marketing for Hair and Beauty Salons

With 85% of consumers using the internet to find local businesses you really can’t afford to ignore the web. Online marketing builds on your existing promotional techniques and increases their effectiveness by making you more visible to potential customers.

Email Marketing


This is the first and gentlest way of going online. You’re still building on your existing customer base, but it’s a way of reminding them that you’re around then they’re not in your salon. Use emails to keep customers informed of any upcoming offers or promotions. Include a way for them to get in touch with you as soon as they get the email.



A little bit more than just an email, use a newsletter to tell your customers about new products, or fill them in on this season’s fashion trends. A well-written and good-looking newsletter can do wonders for your beauty shop and there’s a good reason that it’s one of the most popular online advertising techniques nowadays.

Local Business Listings


This is where the gold lies – your chance to pick up the person who doesn’t yet have links within the community. If your beauty parlour is not yet listed on your Yahoo local or Bing pages get yourself up there. Google maps don’t just tell potential customers that you exist, they show them where you are. Take your beauty business to the next level with our salon web marketing!

Get some Expert Help


You know how you feel when the embarrassed client comes in after a home cutting or colouring disaster! You’ll help them remedy the problem of course but sometimes it takes a while to fix things, and it would have been so much less painful for them if they’d come to you before they tried to do it yourself. The same is true for SEO – it is best to find experienced salon marketing companies and place your online presence in their hands!

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Traditional Marketing Techniques For Beauty Salons

You’re very much a local business, so many of beauty salon marketing methods will focus on making sure that your name is known and respected within your community. Here are some ideas, but keep in mind that we can do so much more for you. Contact us at +1 512 593 6312 to find out what we offer.

Loyalty Cards


The most conventional method of ensuring that your existing clients will stay faithful. Tried, trusted, and still used because they work!

Offers and Promotions


These are useful ways of filling your salon at traditionally quiet times. You can come up with a reason to offer a promotion at any time of the year.

Time Sensitive Bookings


Get 10% discount when you book your next appointment before you leave the salon. Or a discount on styling if the appointment is taken within a month of another treatment.

Refer a Friend


Lots of people are sensitive about gaining financially from their friendships, so make the offer applicable to both the existing customer and their friend. salon. Or a discount on styling if the appointment is taken within a month of another treatment.

Instore Tea and Coffee


An essential for any treatment that requires your customer to sit still for a time, so for colouring or perms you’ll always have tea or coffee to offer. It’s also a useful courtesy when a customer arrives early, when you’re running late, or for the person who walks in off the street and has to wait for a stylist to become available.

Text and SMS messaging


One common approach is to send a ‘Happy Birthday’ wish with a 10% discount offer. Frankly, we think this is a bit old-hat, and bordering on the invasive. If you know your customer well enough to wish them Happy Birthday do it when they come in. Use a text offer when you haven’t seen a client for a while and want to remind them you’re still around.

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Let Us Help You to Develop Your Beauty Salon Online Marketing

A badly crafted local business listing can do more harm than good. A well-developed campaign will enhance your standings and increase your business, so it really is worthwhile investing in an expert to make sure your submissions to local directories contain all the information the search engines are looking for, and that they’ll enhance your local reputation. That’s where we come in.

Find out how your business currently looks on your local search platforms, just fill in a request for your local search visibility report and citation audit. You can also call us at +44 20 3404 5555. We’ll get back to you with the results and it won’t cost you a penny. Alternatively, just drop us a line on our contact form and one of our experts will be in touch with you, to explore how we can help with your online development. When it comes to online advertising for beauty salons and hair stylists  we’re your natural partners and we’ll help you find your own local fame. Let us take care of the digital and the technical aspects of your beauty salon SEO and free you up to concentrate on what you’re good at, cutting, styling, colouring and delighting your clients.

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