Introduction into Local Search Optimisation


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Our marketing agency on the other hand will make sure that you are found when people look for you on any Google services. There are dozens of ways how Google is adjusting its result page to give you more relevant answers. And the result page, that you see, is a combination of Adwords advertisement with local ads, local results from Google Places and regular results. This is one side of the story – the customer side.

Now, how an owner of a local business can take advantage of the local search? First step is to let Google know where your business is located or where it provides its service. Just by adding your address on the website sometimes isn't enough, as the Internet can't be trusted and Google knows it. One of the ways to prove your local address is by creating a Google Places listing. Along with other information, regarding your business, you will have to give the address, which Google will verify before accepting it. After the search engine knows where you are and what you do, the fun part begins – proving that your are better than your competitors in the given location. The most effective and natural way is by collecting customer reviews with positive remarks towards your products. Not only it will show to the search engine that your business is better, but also will influence the end decision of your potential customers.

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Although Google Places might look enough for people to rank your business, it is not the only one. There are numerous other business directories for you to include your company and let people find it. The ways to embrace the local search are various and depend on many factors, like type of industry you are in, your company's location, size of the company and other. Therefore, we at Local Fame are ready to provide our service for any business and offer full-scale analysis, optimisation and best local SEO practices to help you to reach your customers.

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