Once Again, Local Fame Shortlisted in The European Search Awards


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Today is 24 March 2016, or how we at Local Fame call it, “The Happiest Day in March”.

Today The European Search Awards shortlists were finally published.


After the judging session, which we’ve been following closely on Twitter, today we were delighted and proud to find out that Local Fame was shortlisted. The main reason behind the excitement is that the European Search Awards is an international competition where SEO, PPC, Digital and Content Marketing specialists meet to celebrate, update their knowledge bank and network.

Excitement levels have been peaking each year for the last 3 years. Starting with the first time we were shortlisted back in 2014, then the amazing feeling when we got the actual award that year- a great honour and achievement for Local Fame. Then getting shortlisted again in 2015 and today being shortlisted again.

local fame and the european search awardsThis year we are nominated for the BEST LOW BUDGET CAMPAIGN award for our campaign for Fantastic Removals.

Why we submitted an entry in this category? We pride ourselves in delivering high return with little investment and thus helping small businesses or even larger franchises grow and get famous on the web. Most small businesses hardly ever have a budget for digital marketing, so it is particularly flattering for us when we deliver great results at a low cost.

Local Fame wishes luck to everyone! Hope to see you all in Paris (4th of May)

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