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The web application Yandex.CityThe idea of Yandex is to tap into a gap in the online market. They want to offer local search results to rapidly growing middle class citizens based around big cities. Their competition to date is made of Foursquare, Yelp, Google and Tulp. But some facts about their competition should be mentioned :
  • Foursquare is limited to what it offers in the USA.
  • Yelp does not have a service in Russia.
  • Google's market share is a lot smaller.
  • are just too small to be serious competition.
Yandex is starting out covering 17 urban areas and bringing together more than 70 sites with customer reviews to power the content of Yandex.City. The application at this moment is available only in Russia, but in the future it's likely to offer it in Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The Russian company is on the riseUsers will not only have access to reviews and locations of the places, but Yandex.City will link to Yandex.Maps which will guide you from your current location with a navigation system. Yandex.City will push geo-targeted and search-related ads to users, just like Google does. The ad service is not available yet, but Yandex will probably first use it with KitLocate which targets the local search market in Israel. Yandex.City is already available and to date over 2,000 people have downloaded the app. Users can post reviews, photos and rate every visited place. Yandex.City offers wide range of filters. For example you can mention if the place is open 24 hours in the day, or if there's parking available. You can sort through the options that suit your needs. This is a way for Yandex to differentiate from their biggest rival – Google. Yandex.City offers something that businesses value - relative audience for their marketing. As a new product of Yandex, Yandex.City is a way to develop their advertising business and take the company to the next level.

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