Persuasion Secrets of Professional Copywriters


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Your headings and sub-headings are the most important part of your page. They're the first thing your customer reads and if you don't get them right, they'll be the last. Don't use your headings just to tell your customer how fabulous you are, sadly they're not all that interested. Your customers want to know what you'll do for them:

Just compare it:
Local Fame are Experts in Online Marketing with Win More Customers with Local Lame
Both are true but the second is far more appealing!

Writing Promise-Centred Headlines

Write 20 or 25 potential headlines. The key at this stage is not to think too much, don't censor, don't correct, don't worry if many are very similar to each other. When you're looking for something of between 5 and 9 words, one word often makes all the difference. You may find the first 5 are a struggle and suddenly you get into the swing of it.

Whittle:The secret of persuasive copywriting
Strike out the headings that talk about your company and look for the ones that describe what you do for your customers. If you discover you don't have any that do this, then you've already learned something, you need to think in a customer focused way. Go back a step and ask yourself just what benefits you offer. Then try the headlines again.

One simple way to test out your 2 or 3 favourites is to send them out as a tweet. Monitor the response and you'll know which captured your customers' attention. An alternative to this is to research your headline words more formally and see how often they come up in searches. If you don't know how to do this give us a shout: Local Fame finds the words that find you customers!


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