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Every top beauty salon must have a cutting-edge beauty salon website design – that is a fact! The beauty sector – namely spa, wellbeing centres and beauty salons are especially required to keep up with the latest tendencies and have a gorgeous and welcoming salon design which paints the perfect picture of what clients can expect! Let’s just put it this way – people ‘shop’ with their eyes – if they like what they see when they visit your salon website, they are more likely to convert into clients and pay your salon an actual visit!

So what can you do to make sure that your beauty salon website design is top quality?
How about start by choosing the right website template…

Before we present you with some examples of beauty salon website templates that can work for your brand, we’ll start by considering what characteristics your website must incorporate. As the beauty sector is indeed a very visual business type, some of the best spa and beauty salon themes often include stunning imagery, interactive design and features such as “menu cards”, product sliders and so on. The best themes successfully portray a classic image of the salon, yet also combine the latest cutting-edge features of technology and marketing.

When it comes to choosing website templates for beauty salons, remember that interactive yet simple design is key! Aim for a template that allows you to incorporate your social media channels, creative typography, video backgrounds, full width content sliders, smart galleries -anything that will allow you to tell the story of your brand more visually and establish an immediate connection with your potential customers! Last but not least, apart from including all of the relevant information such as opening hours, services - make sure that you don’t forget to add some high-quality photos of your beauty salon and online booking form.

Here Are a Couple of Beauty Salon Templates That We Liked:

Beauty Wellness WordPress Theme

Beauty Wellness WordPress Theme

Apart from being easy-on-the-eye and easy-to-use, this website theme is of course specifically designed for beauty salons, spa and wellness centers. As such it combines stunning imagery with modern technology – its’ compact booking function allows visitors to quickly book an appointment with your salon from the comfort of their home. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

The Gem

The Gem WordPress Theme

Some say that TheGem is probably all you need for your professional beauty salon website theme. Hard to argue with such a statement when this gorgeous multipurpose website theme comes across so elegant, easy to use and modern at the same time. It comes with many options too – apart from two specifically designed salon and spa demos, this theme includes more than 100 website demos to suit any of your beauty salon website needs.
The theme also incorporates features such as the ultimate favourite Visual Composer page builder, as well as online booking plugins that ensure quick and easy appointment bookings and online payments.
Safe to say that The Gem can easily set you up with a modern yet sophisticated salon website within just a couple of clicks.

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