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Do you need to recover from a Google ban or penalty?

A big rankings hit. Massive loss of business. There are huge consequences to being penalised by Google. But Local Fame’s Google penalty removal and recovery services are here to help you.

First, to identify the issue that has led to your Google ban or penalty. Second:

To instantly get to work remedying the problem.

What is a Google Penalty?

The first step in removing a ban from Google is understanding why it happened in the first place. Have you got a lot of spammy content? Do you rely on spun copy? Have you purchased links to your site to boost its rankings? Or artfully concealed some of your content from Google’s spiders?

Google relies on algorithms to ensure websites meet their quality standards. Two of those algorithms have changed the way you need to write your website:

Google Penguin – is an algorithm designed to punish websites which use a lot of poor quality backlinks to falsely boost their rankings.

Google Panda – is an algorithm which prevents websites from relying on spam content. You’ll know these when you see them. They’re light on content. And heavy on keywords.

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What are the effects of being penalised by Google?

A complete Google website ban is possible. But it’s far more likely that:

  1. Google penalties will lower your rankings on Search Engine Results Pages
  2. You’ll see a big decrease in traffic on your website
  3. You’ll spot a drop off in the number leads and conversions you generate
  4. You’ll notice a significant loss of business which your website gets you

What are the different types of Google Penalties?

Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms exact harsh penalties which include:

Thin content penalty

A lot of spun copy. Automatically generated content. Pages that have near-to or zero unique information on them.

You might not get banned from Google for this. But the Panda algorithm means you need to adjust your practices. Now. Otherwise, you run the risk of serious automatic penalties.

Pure spam penalty

This is the kind of bad practice Google really hates. It can include everything from cloaking your content (where a user sees different words and images than Google’s search spiders) to automated content creation or scraping content from other sites. You can get a Google ban with little-to-no messing around with these kinds of practices.

If you’re getting caught for the first time, you might be able to persuade Google that you’re sorry. If you show that you’ve put right all of the problems.

Unnatural links penalty

Gone are the days when you could buy a bunch of links which pointed to your site and count on them to boost your rankings. Google Penguin penalises sites which do this. You can also be punished (rightly) if you sell links from your site.

Bad link removal will be the place to start when it comes to fixing things.

Why use Local Fame?

Local Fame works as your Google penalty removal agency. You can have us remove your site from Google’s blacklist like this:

  1. Local Fame’s SEO expertise identifies and removes the cause of your Google Penalty
  2. Your website will slowly start to recover in terms of rankings and traffic
  3. Simultaneous professional, credible promotion by Local Fame organically boosts your SERP rankings
  4. Your Google blacklist removal is complete
  5. You’re now free to get more business online

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