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Dani Peleva Managing Director
Fun Fact: A fitness enthusiast, plays football and is a true Man United fan


Eva Eva Project Manager
Fun Fact: She makes great margaritas
Toni Toni Senior Account Manager
Fun Fact: She used to be a volunteer at RSPCA Charity Shop (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
Martina Martina Administrative Assistant
Bobby Bobby HR
Fun Fact: She loves psychology and karaoke, has been to more than 20 countries, has 2 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats - all male
Tsvetan Tsvetan Digital Marketing Manager
"I am never allowed to go to musicals... I keep trying to catch the leads."
Maria Maria Junior Account Manager
Fun Fact: Used to dance in Russian dance group for 14 years.
Diana Diana Social Media Guru
Fun Fact: Travelling the world is her priority
Stoyan Stoyan PPC Specialist
Fun Fact: Crime thriller books are his passion.
Miglena Miglena Social Media Marketing
Fun Fact: She worked as a flight attendant
Yvette Yvette SEO Executive
Fun Fact: During teambuilding she sang in front of the whole company and won an award for it
Candice Candice Junior Account Manager
Fun Fact: A huge bookaholic. She always get lost in book stores and libraries but she hates romance.
Yanis Yanis SEO
Fun Fact: He Is one of the few tea lovers at the office
Petya Petya SEO
Fun Fact: Amongst all seasons, spring holds a special place in her heart
Asen Asen SEO
Fun Fact: He is a Bundesliga fan, big fan of Borussia Dortmund
Andy Andy Web Development Expert
Fun Fact: He used to be a high school teacher
Yonko Yonko Web Developer
Vivir mi vida
Desi Desi Content Writer
Fun Fact: She'll never say no to sushi and a good book.
Kamila Kamila SEO
Fun Fact: Has a tattoo of Soot Sprites from Spirited Away
Dessy Dessy Design, UX & Email Marketing
Fun Fact: She used to be a freelance photographer for 2 years
Valery Valery Web Designer
Fun Fact: He plays the guitar
Danny Danny Front End & WordPress

Fun Fact: Some of his hobbies include kizomba and salsa dancing
Tony Tony Front End & WordPress
Fun Fact: He describes himself as an avid beer guru
Simone Simone Google Ads Guru
Fun Fact: Simone's guilty pleasure is pasta, pasta, pasta
Olga Olga Account Executive
Fun Fact: She used to be a scuba diving instructor
Iva Iva Junior SEO Specialist
Fun Fact: Loves eating a lot of chocolate
Yana Yana Junior SEO Specialist
Fun Fact: She speaks Hindi and enjoys fitness and travelling
Ian Ian SEO Executive
Fun Fact He witnessed a stray cat giving birth to 6 kittens at his old job
Hrisi Hrisi Web Development Expert
Tsvetelina Tsvetelina Content Writer
Fun Fact: She loves listening to jazz and enjoys mountain climbing
Jerry Jerry Account Manager
George George Local Search
James James SEO Specialist
Fun Fact: He loves 3D printing and video games.
Peter Peter Organic SEO
Dean Dean Social Media
Svetlozara Svetlozara Local Search
Sam Sam Back End Developer
Tony Tony SEO Specialist
Fun Fact: Bikes are his passion.
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8 Fun Facts About Local Fame Team

1. The Local Fames team speaks 6 languages – English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Bulgarian
2. The average age of our team is 28
3. We started with a team of 3 back in 2014
4. Most of our team members are proud cat owners

5. Our very own managing director Dani Peleva loves football and has participated in a world championship for a particular Chinese sport but she won’t disclose more than that
6. 66.7% of our team choose Truth over Dare
7. 77.8% consider themselves night owls
8. 66.7% prefer coffee over tea (o0ps)

Let our team of professional online marketers ensure that:

Local customers can find you online
Your business profile cannot be claimed or modified without authorisation so your company identity is safe
Your online listing is optimised to convert browsers into buyers
Your business can be found when customers use smartphones to find local services near them

Last but not least… Who are we?

Local Fame was established in 2012 by Rune Sovndahl and quickly grew to employing over 50 people in the UK, USA and Australia. Before starting the company, Rune headed up the Search Department of Lastminute.com and had a direct contribution to taking the company to a leading position in the travel industry.

As an entrepreneur, Rune understands the challenges that are part of running a business, whether it is a one man band or a company that employs hundreds. His enthusiasm in helping other entrepreneurs get their businesses noticed online runs through every one of the 50+ members of the Local Fame team.

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