Restaurant online marketing will let people know how charming your place is

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In the same way that you trust your chef to create your menu and manage your kitchen, or your front of house staff to keep your customers happy, trust us to develop and maintain your local business profile. We work with small businesses to complement their existing marketing and advertising and enable them to get the best out of their online presence. Every business has its own unique signature, and developing the best restaurant online marketing strategy requires as much attention as selecting the correct wine to bring out the flavour of a fine meal.

Your reputation is everything. Now, as ever, you want your customers to associate you with great food and attentive service. What has changed are the ways in which businesses can reach new customers. If you’re not taking advantage of the digital revolution, you’re giving your competitors an advantage they don’t deserve. You don’t need to develop a whole new set of skills to develop your online marketing strategy. Stick with what you already do so well, and let Local Fame help you take the reputation you deserve with you, when you move into the virtual world. Call us now to learn about new business opportunities and how we can assist you with online marketing for restaurants.

How Local Fame Will Help You Develop Online Identity of Your Restaurant

Use us to claim, create or develop your local business listings


If you’re thinking of a Google Plus page as something like an online yellow pages entry you’re missing out. A well written local business listing has it’s own identity and flavour, it’s a fantastic way of giving customers a taster of the atmosphere of your restaurant before they ever come to the table.

We’ll make sure the basics are right then build upon them


You’ll always be in the most appropriate directories for your business and the details of your business will be correctly and consistently displayed.

Keep things fresh and engaging


One of the most astounding things about the internet is the speed at which things change. We’ll keep you up the search rankings by keeping the content of your pages updated, and stay abreast of changing search trends.

Encourage, monitor and manage your reviews


We’ll get your customers to write reviews for you in the places that will do most to drive more trade in your direction. For a Restaurant that’s Yelp, Foursquare, Google Plus and of course the local food directories. We’ll also monitor your reviews and make sure that potential customers will see the most positive ones. Local Fame will help you with a lot more tricks concerning online marketing for restaurants.

Marrying Restaurant Online Marketing with Traditional Marketing Techniques

We’ll work alongside the methods you’ve always used to promote your restaurant and make them even more effective. There are lots of things you might already be doing even if you’re not using any methods that concern online advertising for restaurants :

Special offers


These are all great ways of bringing people into your restaurant at traditionally quiet times. It isn’t appropriate for every establishment but can be very successful for some.

Set menus for a set price


There are of course cost efficiency involved in producing larger quantities of a given dish, so this is a way to offer great value without compromising on quality.

Time limited discount vouchers


Given at the end of a meal to encourage your customers to treat themselves to a return visit more quickly than they might otherwise have done. A great marketing tip that will excite your customers.

Loyalty Cards


Make your regular customers feel special and valued, they save a little money and you get more business. They might even recommend your business to friends and family.

Samples outside the restaurant


A fantastic way of capturing passing trade, even if people don’t walk right in they’ll remember you later. Another excellent marketing technique that will make people excited.

Special arrangements for business parties, or charity events


A method of building links within your local community. You might take a lower profit per head on the night itself, but it brings newcomers to your restaurant and some of them will remember you when they’re next booking as an individual.

Links with other Local Businesses


Maybe the antiques shop down the road or the hairdresser on the corner would be happy to recommend you. Small business owners must help each other after all.

Online reservation and booking sites


Top Table and Open Table could both bring you more bookings and also allow your customers to leave reviews and recommendations. And nothing is better for your business than some honest positive feedback.

Find out how your business currently looks on your local search platforms, just fill in a request for your local search visibility report and citation audit. You can also call us at +44 20 3404 5555. We’ll get back to you with the results and it won’t cost you a penny. Alternatively, just drop us a line on our contact form and one of our experts will be in touch with you, to explore how we can help with your online development.

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