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Have you ever thought how you can make your “About us” page more interesting for your audience in a way that it can bring you more traffic? In this article, we will give you 4 tips and an idea that can and will keep your visitors longer on your page.

The ‘About’ page – almost every website has one, but what is your biography page doing for you right now?

Typically, these pages will feature a little information about the business, perhaps a photo of the team, a link to a portfolio and so on … but there’s a whole lot more that your About Page can do for your business. Most of all, if it's not converting, it's not doing enough.

Here are a few tips for creating a powerful, Conversion-Driven About Page for your business:

Let’s assume you’ve already included your company’s history, after all that’s the main feature of this page. Now let’s flesh it out a little, by backing up your claims with some evidence! Some good examples you can include in your About Page might be client testimonials, reviews, links to press clippings, or links to a portfolio of your work; anything that helps to reinforce the claims you’ve made about the quality of your product or services.

In order for your website to be the best it can be, you may want to be optimising absolutely everywhere! The same goes for your About Page. Why waste another good page, that could bring in a whole new stream of traffic? This would be a good place to try and use another variation of your standard keywords. So, for example, if you’ve optimised your home page for ‘web design in London,’ why not try hitting a niche.… ‘Battersea web designers,’ for example. Pick something that will sound natural in the context of your biography, then optimise the page and see if you can draw in just a few extra hits along the way!

Call to Action
All the tips listed above are great – they’ll help you bring more traffic to your About Page, and guarantee a better engagement with its visitors, but the key factor really is to make it convert. If you want a real Conversion-Driven About Page, then you need to include a powerful call to action. Offer an incentive, a free trial, a special discount, a value guarantee – and combine that with a big, attractive button inviting your visitors to sign-up!

Multimedia or Team Spotlight Video
In modern day society, more and more business become completely automated. Online checkouts, automated phone lines, self-help FAQs… it’s no surprise that many customers miss that old-fashioned interaction with a real person. People love to know that they’re doing business with other human beings, rather than with machines. Featuring a little more information about your staff, can go a long way towards building trust with your business relations.
Make a point, showcase the talents of your team – or perhaps give them a chance to share their wackiest side! Either way, a Team Spotlight Video is a brilliant technique in making a memorable impression, and letting your customers know that they’re dealing with real, engaging people.

Here’s our quick and easy guide to create and share an effective Team Spotlight Video:

  • Phase One
  • Plan your video, think about the message you want to send? Some companies choose to produce slick, professional video clips with staff members standing in front of a blank or neutral backgrounds. Others prefer to give it an organic feel, by catching their staff in natural scenes of their work environment. Think about a way you would like to showcase your team – are these professional agents? Or are they eccentric geniuses? You’ll often find that the best results comes from authenticity, so it might be worth getting your team together for a group brainstorming session!

  • Phase Two
  • video on youtube

    It’s time to record. You could hire a decent HD video camera for a day around the office – or perhaps you choose to create the video down at your nearby park using an iPhone! The quality of your Team Spotlight Video doesn’t matter nearly as much as the message you send.

  • Phase Three
  • And finally, it’s time to get sharing. You’ll probably want to embed your video somewhere on your website, but why not share it on social media as well? Who knows – if you make something interesting enough, you might even find that it starts bringing in a whole new sources of traffic from shares on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

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