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You’ll need to review and research examples so you understand how and why these niche blogs work so well. Finding your niche is essential and it’s important to be able to build on your chosen topic. Be creative, think what your customers will be interested in and want to read about. Investigate large groups of sites that belong to a specific niche and link out to other resources

Remember to tell all your customers about the new focus on your blog within the first post you publish. Pay close attention to all the details such as headlines and keywords. With clearly defined goals and precise content, you’ll be well on the way to meeting your desired results.

Show Customers You Know Your Stuff with a Weekly Roundup Blog Post

If you're a small or medium-sized new business owner you need to think about ways you can show your customers you know your stuff and bolster your credibility. Your goal is to increase your personal standing in the industry, attract new customers and even find new people to work for you. You've got to show you've got some great ideas, know the best solutions, and have got your business head screwed on the right way. There's one good way to improve your standing in the industry that's become very popular with some of the leading companies - publish a weekly roundup of news, facts and industry relevant information that's come to your attention in a regular blog post. With this blog post, you won't be blowing your own trumpet but presenting and sharing other people and companies interesting posts.


Here's how to do it:

  • First decide on the topics you're going to cover - it's probably a good idea to pick a subject that's very relevant to your customers or the industry you operate in. If your business is related to plumbing, your customers aren't going to be interested in what you've found out about a new gym that's just opened.
  • Then you need to find freshly published content - articles, videos, podcasts, guides or any other kind of content, to put in your roundup blog post. There are lots of tools to help in this task such as Twitter, Reddit and Buzzsumo Alerts or you could try getting some help from a marketing experts
  • Once you've gathered a few links you'll need to write a couple of sentences to act as a summary of the content you'll be linking to. It's always a good idea to email the people you've included, to let them know you've given them a mention, and to ask whether they'd like to share your post.

The power of customer testimonials and case studies

Customer testimonials are a powerful tool when it comes to influencing future customers, and can be used to increase the selling power of your website. You can spout about the excellence of your own service or business all day long, but nothing speaks as loud as the experiences of previous customers. Any prospective customers will want to hear what other people are saying about your company, and the quality you deliver. However, you need to be proactive when it comes to gathering customer feedback, as most people only like to voice their opinion when something has gone wrong.

What you need to do is have a testimonials strategy, and decide how you're going to gather these important comments from your customers, and where you're planning to feature them in your website. Making the experiences of previous customers available will increase new customer confidence, and boost awareness of your brand.

When it comes to gathering your customer testimonials think about making a list of those you think will be happy to give you a glowing review, and then set about contacting them. You could email, call or speak to them in person, whichever you prefer - although face-to-face will likely get more success than emailing. If there is a group of people your service or product has helped in a certain way, consider working together to develop an interesting case study.

Once you've got a few testimonials you have to think about where in your website they are going to be featured. It could be your home page, about us page, or service page, or on a dedicated page of it's own.

Don't leave it there though, because you will need to keep updating your testimonials, as nobody will be interested in the words of a customer from years ago.

Write for your target audience

In business as in life, it's simply not possible to please all of the people all of the time. When it comes to your website content, however, it's important that your postings reflect the interests and needs of your target audience as closely as possible. This is known as demographic targeting.

How to plan demographic-targeted blog posts

How well do you understand your customers? Are they old or young? Is there a gender bias? What about their likely hobbies or interests? The better you know your customers the more closely you'll be able to tailor your content to them.

It may be that your customer base encompasses several distinctly different groups. That's great for you and great for your business. You do have the challenge of keeping them all interested.

If you haven't sat down lately and thought about who your ideal clients are, it's time you do so. It often helps to imagine specific kind of people... name them and build as full a picture as you can.

Once you have your customer in mind, use your understanding of them to plan your blog posts. Write them. post them and share them wherever you can.

Getting help with planning and evaluating your posts

If you haven't yet looked at Google Analytics it's time to do so. This powerful tool helps you to understand who your web visitors are, and how they behave on your site. If the thought of getting deep into statistics doesn't appeal to you, talk to an internet marketing agency, this is something we do all the time and getting the experts to do the stuff they're great at will save you time to do the things you excel in.

Blog posts from the experts can be a great way to get all light on you

Writing Tools

When you need a blog post that encourages more people to visit your website try choosing a topic that’ll interest a wide range of contributors. Posts will need to include useful advice and tips as well as input from experts in the particular field

This type of influencer marketing is a sure way of increasing your brand awareness enabling you to increase your customer base as well as the number of visitors to your site. You need to make sure that the content of the blog is always good quality and that contributors can easily be contacted to build a relationship. When you’ve got content that’s heavily shared you can filter the topic by location and engagement to get the maximum following.

There are many tools to help you get started and once you’ve got an idea try posting it on a social media site to analyse the impact. If you get great responses this is probably the topic to write about! Focus on building your following by adding an email sign-up and suggesting contributors share their findings. Make your headlines catchy and keep the blog post short and to the point.

The importance of blog comments

One of the easiest ways to get comments on your blog posts is to post a question at the end. This will encourage your readers to reply. To develop more content partnerships you can also regularly comment on other blog posts within your community and beyond. More traffic can be generated this way and it’s guaranteed to encourage more leads. Make sure the blogs you comment on are related to your company and products, ensuring the branding of your business and your expertise.

If you need help finding reputable blogs to comment on, enlist the services of a marketing agency who specialize in helping your small business to gain new customers and promote your company. It’s recommended that you leave at least two comments per week on blogs and remember to share the posts with all your social media outlets.

Don’t forget to reply to comments on your blog post quickly. This makes the reader feel that the comments posted matter to you. Leaving a post unanswered will have a negative effect as the topic will soon be forgotten. Further motivation can be encouraged by offering a reward for a comment that makes a difference! This can often just be in the form of attention and recognition of the reader.

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