Local Fame Shortlisted in The European Search Awards


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There are a total of 21 categories to enter and the final date for entry was the 17th January. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Reykjavik at RIMC on Friday 28 March. Winners of previous awards have said that they have seen significant business benefits through their wins. With a sole focus on search marketing, these awards recognise the very best of companies in every niche of the search industry. The Search Awards are without a doubt the most prestigious search industry awards in Europe.

LocalFame Shortlisted for the European Search Awards 2014

LocalFame are proud to announce that we have been listed in three categories in the competition this year: Best Local Campaign, Best SEO Campaign and Best Low Budget Campaign. The full list of competitors and categories is available here. Julia Gonzalez, of the Performics company in Spain, said that winning an award at the event in 2013 had been an affirmation for her. She explained that her company's victory was a result of a year of dedication and effort on the part of her team, and that it had been an honour to receive the award. “The European Search Awards are similar to the Oscars for us: it 's very hard to come by one but it is worth the effort,” she stated. Winners will be picked by a panel of 15 expert industry judges on March 28 at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik in Iceland. The price for tickets to attend are €150 for individuals or €1400 for a table of 10. There are also other pricing options that include tickets to the RIMC. More details about the event can be found here.


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