Top 121 Strongest Free UK Business Listings Sites in 2016


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Why you should submit your company in business listings sites a.k.a. business directories?

If your business is present in relevant business listings sites, you will get a handful of benefits. First of all, people visiting this website will see your contact details, and they can call you right away. When you are a business that attracts the local crowd - restaurant, cafe, beauty salon, commercial printer, cleaning service, taxi, car rental company etc., your online marketing strategy must include submissions in local business directories. This way you are building citations which is a powerful method to improve your presence in local search results.

Strongest Free UK Business Listings Sites

What business listings sites should you choose to submit your company in?

Being on the front line of online marketing for so many years, we managed to pick the most important qualities a business listings site should possess:

  • Actual people using the business listings site. You can easily see if this is true because most of the local business directories have a “leave a review” option. Other methods include checking if there are new listings submitted recently and contacting the business listings site webmaster. There are also online tools that can measure the traffic - use them.
  • Track business directories relevant to your company’s services. For example, there are specialised business listings sites for hairdressers.
  • The business directory must have a business category relevant to your services. If it doesn’t, write a nice email to the webmaster - he would be more than grateful that you are improving the website.
  • The business listings site should have a good design and good domain authority score. However, if this is a very localised business directory, it may be worthwhile to submit your company. Especially if it is the neighbourhood business listings site.
  • Business listings sites that are ranking in Google SERP. If the business directory is on Page 1, you should go for it immediately.
  • If you find your competitor in a paid citation website, evaluate if it is worthwhile to stand beside him. Our list consists of free business listings sites but this is a very important point.

121 Free Online Local Business Directories & Sites for Local Marketing in 2016

Free Business Listings Sites for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

Free Business Listings Sites for Beauty Salons and Hairdressers

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