6 Sleek Beauty Salon Tips For Marketing Which Really Work!


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Trying to figure out how to attract new clients to your salon?
Don't worry - we've got you covered. Take advantage of these beauty salon tips for promotion and marketing to attract new clients from all walks of life...

Beauty Salon Tip 1:
Get Out There on Social Media

Facebook and Instagram give you the best bang for your buck as a beauty salon. Instagram in particular, as a very visual medium, was pretty much made for you! Facebook offers you a huge reach and the ability to target your posts very effectively using parameters such as age and gender. Twitter and Pinterest also make fantastic platforms for beauty salon social media marketing. All you need to do is make sure your camera work is top-notch.

If you aren't sure how to leverage the power of social media effectively, it's worth chatting to a tech-savvy friend or considering engaging a professional marketing company who knows how to do it properly. The power of social media will make it worth it.

Beauty Salon Tip 2:
Build a Selfie Station

Related to the above, one of the best new ideas for taking advantage of social media's incredible reach is the selfie station. Set up one of these in your salon and let your clients take care of some of your marketing for you. It's one of the simplest, most cost-effective salon marketing strategies as it lets you reach a whole new friends list (your client's) with promotional shots of what your salon has to offer.

You can take this a step further by selecting your own "local influencers" if you know that a certain client has good connections or social networking skills which they might be able to use to your advantage. In return, you can offer free haircuts or money off vouchers of they get you enough new clients. A pro suggestion for this is to have small stacks of business cards with their name on or promotional codes for each individual influencer, which they can give out on your behalf - and which you can then use to track their effectiveness in promoting your salon.

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Beauty Salon Tip 3:
Promote Your Timed or Even Your Standard Services

Certain times of year such as Valentine's Day or the Christmas and New Year period are obvious targets for promotional campaigns. But there's no reason why you can't simply select one of your services or styles which you feel deserves more recognition and give it some support (check out tips #1, #4 and #6 for interesting ways in which to do so!).

There are also some fun little-known "days" which can make the basis of simple promotions. For instance, you might not have heard of:

  • National Hair Extensions Day on May 22nd
  • National Blonde’s Day on June 4th
  • Hair Designer’s Day on June 26th
  • Kiss A Brunette Day (yes it's a thing!) on July 2nd
  • A great way to promote select services or deals is to plan your email marketing. So...

    Beauty Salon Tip 4:
    Plan Your Email Marketing

    Email marketing is the perfect way to highlight your latest beauty salon promotions... but it's also something that's easy to get carried away with. Don't overuse it to the point where your latest amazing campaign gets recycle-binned as spam because you routinely send out too many emails to those on your list.

    That said, you should definitely have a newsletter or some other regular email contact to keep your clients engaged. When someone signs up for your newsletter, make sure you get them to include their birthday as a required field. This gives you a great opportunity for rewarding their patronage all year (and inspiring them to come in again, as well as the friends they mention your kindness to) with a special birthday discount or gift.

    Beauty Salon Tip 5:
    Look for Community Partnership Opportunities

    Depending on where you're based, the sorts of opportunities you can look for will be different. In larger cities or areas with a strong fashion culture, you may be able to pair with local runway events or fashion shows to provide hairstyles which are sure to be talked about.

    But no matter where you are, there will be options. Have you thought about having a pop-up stand at your local mall or shopping centre, showcasing your best stylists at their engaging work? Or perhaps offering free haircuts at local events? Or partnering with local businesses in related fields to offer joint promotions? You can also try this another way...

    Beauty Salon Tip 6:
    Try out In-Store Pop-Up Events

    As well as bringing your haircuts to the community, why not bring the community to where the magic happens?

    There are huge variety of pop-up events you could consider holding in your local store. How about:

    • A workshop (paid or free) showcasing how to achieve a certain style or new look
    • Pop-up displays from local artists
    • A free health or wellbeing class, such as from a local yoga or Pilates instructor or nutritionist
    • A small performance (perhaps after hours) by a live artist or local band

    In short, anything which turns your salon into a place where cool stuff happens. This is a great way to build engagement with your community and give them some added value along with their service. Plus, pop-up events and workshops are an easy thing to promote using any of the tips above!

    Those 6 beauty salon promotions can really boost your salon business and gain you, new customers. Do not hesitate to try them today as they won’t work until you do! Be creative and have a positive attitude in everything you do as you can be sure that people love to visit places with good vibes.

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