Facebook Marketing Tips: How to Increase Your Organic Reach


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With just over 18 million business pages competing for space on users’ news feed, the need for a smarter filtering and ranking could not be stronger. Also, we should not forget facebook is a business - it had to make money and Facebook Ads is one of the ways to make us pay to increase reach.In fact, as Jay Baer pointed out, there is a correlation between reachability of the posts and price of facebook shares - the higher average organic page reach is, the lower Facebook Inc. stock prices are. Therefore, there have been a steady decrease of average organic page reach to push stock price higher.
Facebook Shares Price vs Organic Reach Rates

Chart courtesy: Jay Baer

To learn how to improve your facebook page’s organic reach, we need to understand the way content is ranked and sorted on the news feed. Unfortunately, just like with everything in online marketing, there is no ‘golden key’ or one single right way to do things since there is not precise description of the algorithm employed in the system.Still, there are a few key factors influencing content reach rate that were revealed. Those are:
  • Type of Post - is it text only, photo or video? Facebook prefers those user interact with
  • Weight of Post - based on previous, Facebook gives priority to videos and photos
  • Degree of Interaction - how much user interacts with your page
  • Age - the older your post is, the less likely it will be shown to someone
  • User Preferences - each user pays attention to different ads and content
  • User Feedback - if a post has been hidden or reported by users, might not show up
  • Viewing Device - device and internet connection speed influence what user sees
To put it shortly, Facebook is trying to make sure content only reaches the viewer if they are sure the person will pay attention to it. The company tries to concentrate on the user, utilising its enormous audience for uncorrupted content moderation and filtering system.This means user behaviour becomes the primary factor. Now if user engages more with a particular type of content or posts from a particular author, page, group, they will give a signal to facebook to show more of it, which increases reach of that author. At the same time, this peer evaluation is used in the algorithm for reaching other users.So, knowing the way how facebook organic reach algorithm is built, we can move on to the point.

Here Are The Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Organic Facebook Page Reach

The first key point here is don’t concentrate on facebook reach itself. Instead, do what facebook did - concentrate on the user. A study by PR Journal in 2014 showed that Fortune 500 companies all employ similar strategies with top 3 most used techniques being:
  • Openness - show what is going on behind the curtain, what is happening inside the company?
  • Low Power-Distance - show that company is not a corporate machine but someone they can easily reach out to, interact and communicate with
  • Positivity - be positive and make sure customer’s experience is pleasant and enjoyable
  • Don’t be afraid to look way too informal. When Buffer team shared 5 original photos from their trip to South Africa, all 5 reached their top 10 posts within 2 weeks.
Secondly, be picky about the posting times. Reaching users organically takes more than just throwing content at them. Make sure you have studied your Facebook Insights under Pages tab in the analytics dashboard. This will let you gather knowledge about the times your followers are most active on facebook. At the same time, look at the times your competitors post and based on the two develope your own schedule. Strive to post when there is the least competition and the most of user attention. There are plenty of tools like buffer.com that allow you scheduling posts to post automatically on the times you are out of office or just to make the process easier for you.Thirdly, switch between broadcasting and listening modes. While it’s important to get your point through the noise, is it even more important to listen to your audience. Engage with your community without an intent to sell anything. This is the way to hack the factors that build up the organic reach algorithm - the more users interact with you and your posts, the higher probability of them seeing your other posts when you switch to broadcasting mode 😉And last but not least, share self-explanatory images. In modern language - infographics. Instead of writing hundreds of words (like in this article) you could compile the main points into a piece of content that brings truly relevant and valuable information and delivers it in a easily digestible format. Develop original pictographics and infographics easily with software like Canva and infogr.am quick and easy as this is one of the best ways to increase facebook organic reach.The bottom line is do not try to fool the world. Paid ads are great for rapid content and page promotion but only in the short run. You might see a spike in your page reach thanks to the paid boost, but as soon as your campaign runs out of funds, the reach comes back to usual low or even drops. In order to build high organic reach, think about the user and the content that makes them spend more time on your page. As we mentioned before, the more user interacts with you, the more time they spend on your page, the higher is the chance of them seeing your posts in their news feed in the future. Dedication always pays back. But if you can’t make time for this activity, there is always an option to hire external Social Media Community Developer. We wish you good luck in your online marketing endeavours.

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