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Even though its fast growing Facebook kept their positions and interest despite all the competition. Nowadays it`s the most useful platform not only for real people but for businesses too. In the article you will find information on how to improve and optimise your business profile by yourself.

The Importance of Content Reposting

You’ll find there are many advantages of reposting your blog on social media sites. Not only does it drive more traffic back to your website, it also boosts the amount of visitors too. If you spread out your content you’ll be guaranteed to reach those people who missed it the first time around. Many posts stay relevant for long periods so reposting them in Facebook after a few months will also attract new followers.facebook profile

All you need to do is slightly reword your original post so it’s not just a repetition, and change the headline. The key factor to the ever successful post is the problem identification and the problem solving. Your products will give the answer with all the additional benefits of originating from your small business. Keep the content clear and compelling.

Once you’re completely satisfied you can design a plan for its promotion. Make decisions regarding the schedule of distribution, how the content will be shared and who you’ll be sharing it with. Make sure you’ve targeted all the social communities that will be interested in going to your website. Strategic organization will ensure the creation of a promotion plan that gets the absolute maximum from your content marketing. For further help and advice get in touch with an expert from a social media guru.

Timely Posts

You know your small business customers better than anyone else so you’ll be well aware of exciting topics that will attract and engage them. This could be anything from extreme weather conditions to the release of a new film. This style of social media posting is known as piggybacking as you can end up with fantastic results from simply utilising popular matters to add your posts to.

Use your calendar to choose the right time and place to piggyback a current event. Holidays can boost engagement as can issues that impact on our daily lives. Find ways to relate current affairs with your products and services. Remember to invite conversations so you can use feedback to improve your posts.

Create a timely post opportunities list that you can constantly update. This will ensure that you don’t miss any major events. Try to think about future occasions and make the appropriate post in advance. You’ll need to think outside the box here and not feel you have to have every post directly linked to your business. These types of piggyback posts will show goodwill and grow your relationships with your readers.

Facebook Split Testing

In business marketing split testing is a method of conducting controlled experiments in order to improve your website. Facebook can be one of your most effective social media outlets so seeing just how conversion rates vary with different tests is highly recommended. Using the A/B testing method where two versions are tested against each other you can change format, colour, and text to increase your performance.

It’s essential to get your image right so this is a good place to start. Choose different colours even if they don’t relate to your brand such as red for urgency and black for luxury. Try using children or animals as a cute call, or funny or silly images. Focus on a benefit for your headline text. Offer money saving rewards or free items within a limited time. As a small business owner you already know your target audience so concentrate on your potential clients and split them into groups. You could concentrate on interests or business goals for example.

Promoted posts

If you need help with creating your Facebook ads simply contact a marketing agency such as Local Fame who’ll give you all the advice you need. After you’ve run your first ad and tested it against the second, you can interpret the results to find the one that converts the best.

Spend Some Money on Targeted Social Ads

We've already touched on the importance of social media sites, but to get the maximum benefit from sites such as Facebook and Twitter you might want to consider spending some money on targeted social ads. Whatever you may hear to the contrary, experience tells us that it's worth it if you want to convert visitors into customers. Launching targeted social ads will increase traffic to your website, build awareness of your company, and enable you to reach more prospective customers. You'll be pleased to hear it won't cost an arm and a leg, in order to see some return on your investment. But you will need to know what you're doing and understand your customer base. If you're at all unsure of your capabilities then seek some professional help from a company like Local Fame.

Implementing a Targeted Social Ad Strategy:
STEP 1 - You first need to decide which social media site your customers are frequenting, and run your ads there. If you've been working on Twitter and not getting much success, concentrate your efforts on Facebook, and vice versa.

STEP 2 - Once you've decided on a particular site, do some research via the internet and learn about creating and managing your targeted ads. Then you need to decide on the type of ads you want to run, and collect images and photos you want to use in those ads.

STEP 3 - The final step is creating the ad, remembering to be as specific as possible. There are lots of online tools that will help, or use the services of an experienced marketing company.

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