Instagram Marketing Ideas for Hair and Beauty Salons


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Instagram is the perfect social media platform for hair and beauty salons. But good salon Instagram ideas aren't always easy to dream up...

If you need some Instagram marketing tips to help get you started on the way to social media success, you've come to the right place:

Why you need to use these Instagram marketing tips for your beauty or hair salon

Instagram is a very visual platform. For a business like yours, this is ideal.

There's always something trendy and creative to snap a picture of and show off when you're in the hair and beauty industry!

So, choose a good profile picture to make sure you stand out (your logo or an image of you are good choices), write a smart bio for your page and consider changing your profile to a business account.

With the basics out of the way, it's time to get started...

Salon Instagram ideas (good things to post)

Your content is going to make or break your Instagram account.

If you post boring things which your audience doesn't want to see, you are going to have a hard time maintaining their interest.

People don't always want to see picture-perfect glamour shots (though these have their place). They want to see real-world people and individuals who they can relate to.

You want them to be able to see themselves in your chair...

Here are some good salon Instagram ideas:

  • 1) Transformative photos (before and after shots)

  • These are the bread and butter of your salon Instagram account. Whether it's a new hair colour, some trendy style, creative nail art or any other work you're particularly proud of, these make for just the kind of content you want.

    Just make sure you ask permission before you start snapping away.

  • 2) Special event do photos

  • You might not style for people going to special events all the time. But when you do, they make for the perfect opportunity to take a photo and use some really cool hashtags (see below). Weddings, in particular, are the ideal. Even if the person you're styling is somebody's aunt once-removed or a plus-one invited along, it's still a chance to promote how good you've helped them look.

  • 3) Products and equipment

  • Whenever you get a new tool or product, why not add a shot of it in situ and explain why it's so good for your customers? Be careful not to overuse this one though. Lots of product shots are a little boring. Again, this presents you with some nice brand tagging opportunities of the manufacturer in question. You never know – they may give you a shout out right back!

  • 4) Seasonal reminders and promotions

  • Mother's Day is the classic example here. But really, any time of year which makes sense to remind people that you exist as a gift opportunity – or that you're running a linked promotion – is good.

  • 5) Action shots!

  • People like to see how and where the magic happens. Share:

    • - Glamour shots of your salon
    • - You and your team at work
    • - You and your team relaxing (a relatable shot)
    • - Something inspirational (like a quote)
    • - Mid-treatment processing

    How to attract followers

    Having the best content is a good place to start. But you also need to get some people to see it. Good Instagram business ideas revolve around gaining followers. Yours is no exception. Here's how to do it:

    • * Post regularly and consistently
    • * Interact with comments and posts you receive
    • * Ask others to share your posts (and get your team to do it too)
    • * Link to your Instagram elsewhere (in emails, Facebook, in-salon etc.)
    • * Run promotions (share to get a chance or win, post a picture and win etc.)

    Good hashtags for hair and beauty salons

    Style hashtags – be both general and specific with your style hashtags. Most styles have their own hashtags, so don't be afraid to be very specific.

    Your location – make sure to tag your business name and city so people can find you.

    Trending hashtags – check Twitter for trending hashtags. Could you create a suitable post for any of these?

    Product hashtags – as mentioned above, new products or great examples of you using a product are crying out to be tagged.

    Themes – try out #MakeoverMoney and Throwback Thursday (#TBT) for some thematic tag power.

    Do you need more Instagram marketing tips for your hair or beauty salon?

    Let's chat. Local Fame has already helped dozens of businesses just like yours perfect their Instagram marketing. Contact us and tell us about what you need yours to do for you.

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