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As a beauty salon owner, you are probably wondering – is social media marketing the right marketing tool for salons? The answer is – “yes, it is”. With the rising popularity of social media, it is now easier than ever to reach a very specific and segmented audience of potential customers, engage with them and spread more awareness about your services which will eventually result into bookings.

Curious to learn how social media marketing for salons can boost your business? We have prepared a list of tips and tricks for you, so read on!

Find the Right Audience

Before you start investing time and resources into social media marketing, you need to begin with knowing your target audience first. Having in mind the type of customer you are targeting can help you pick the right social media platform which works best for your salon business. For example, LinkedIn is a platform which works best for a business to business type of audience, Instagram is ideal for businesses which focus on visual content and target a relatively young audience, while Facebook is the best option for those businesses which desire to reach a slightly older audience.

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Tip on choosing the right social media platform:

Just ask yourself “which social media platforms is my target audience most likely to visit?”Also, don’t forget to consider what type of content they would like to see.

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Post Content That Your Audience Wants to See

The good thing about social media marketing specifically for salons is the fact that your business is more or less based on visual content – and you can generate lots of it. Whether you post #ThrowbackThursday posts of great looks you created for your clients or you post hair transformation goals, usually with salons – there is a lot to post about. The trick to quality social media content is that your posts should entice your audience to desire more interaction with you. In short - your content needs to spark engagement and be interesting to those who see it.

Tip on best social media content for salons:

Visual and interactive content is a social media “must”. However, your tone of voice of the publications must match your salon brand image. For example if your salon is more vintage – a very bright and fun feed might not be the best match.

Treat your social media pages as a miniature website

Whenever new potential customers reach your salon’s social media profile, they should be able to see all of the relevant information they might be looking for – address of salon, opening hours, recent promotions, contact number and so on. If they can’t find enough information, chances are they might not take the step further to complete their booking with you.

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Organize contests and giveaways to achieve engagement and reach

This one ticks a couple of boxes when it comes to efficient social media marketing for salons. Let’s say that in general, people love free stuff. No matter if it’s a free massage or a 30% off their next booking, giveaways and contests always achieve their intent – spark desire! If you are smart about your giveaway rules, you can also achieve great engagement and expand your audience reach organically. Wondering how? Let’s say that your giveaway rules state that – 1. People must follow your salon both on Instagram and Facebook, 2. To enter, people should tag 2 friends, 3. They must like the post.

In social media algorithm language, this means fantastic engagement! For example, through asking people to tag 2 friends, you are able to reach people that don’t normally follow you without investing a penny on it. Registering that your posts achieves many comments and engagement, the Facebook or Instagram algorithm will also prioritise your post compared to other posts, which will naturally boost your performance.

Tip on giveaways for salons:

Always consider how you can encourage next booking. For example, gift your winner a free haircut and a voucher with 10% off their next booking.

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