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Behind every successful beauty salon there is a suitable and feasible advertising campaign. In most cases, however, salon owners lack experience and have little knowledge how to properly advertise a beauty salon – testing the water through a process of trial and error.

Unfortunately, this is often inefficient and costs time and money. Which is why it is essential for salon owners like you to develop appropriate advertising and online marketing strategies to promote their salon. Not sure where to start? Let’s talk digital.

Why Online Marketing Strategies Work?

As the beauty industry continues to go digital, incorporation of digital marketing is becoming a necessity rather than simply a complementary part of your business strategy. Depending on how well your salon develops its’ digital presence and online marketing strategy, your business can easily reach thousands of potential customers with a simple click.

Wondering how to advertise your beauty salon and improve your online marketing efforts? Keep on reading further to learn about the most effective marketing strategies which will help you drive traffic to your website and connect you’re your target customers most efficiently.

1. Establish an Estimated Budget

Finding the right way how to advertise your salon often requires a well-thought-out budget. Choosing the correct advertising strategy is easier if you know your potential target audience and have established a budget. Crafting your advertising budget before actually investing money in any advertising will allow you to have a clear picture of your potential return on investment without wasting resources.

2. Choose a Web Design to Fit Your Salon Identity

Your webpage is your most important digital marketing tool – make it work! Salon owners tend to neglect web design, but it remains an important asset to your digital marketing efforts and your salon identity. If your web page is designed in such way to drive traffic, purchase or consists of any ‘call for action’ buttons then your marketing strategy is already solid. Aim to make your page clean, mobile-friendly, interactive and easy to read.

3. Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Search engine marketing and optimization should stand at the core of your digital marketing and advertising strategy plan. Search engine optimizations strengthen your salon’s website presence and allow it to appear on a list of relevant search engine results. Incorporating a strong SEO strategy will allow your salon to be associated with specific keywords and will ensure that individuals see your website first when they are browsing through search engines for any relevant services or products.

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4. Produce Engaging Content Through Articles or News Stories

Creating engaging and fun content to complement your salon brand will not only help you appear more likeable to potential customers but will also strengthen your chances to achieve brand awareness and grow your customer base. For example, beauty bloggers, the more your salon brand appears in any articles of news stories, the more digital ‘word of mouth’ your salon generates which in result allows you to become a more credible and well-recognised brand name.

5. Incorporate Contests and Giveaways in Your Digital Platforms

Every smart marketing strategists love contests and giveaways. They are fun, engage customers and establish a connection between the participants and the salon brand which is vital for customer loyalty. Any possible time that you can encourage your customers to spear the word around their social media accounts in exchange for a free product or service – do so! You will surely achieve higher visibility and purchases while your customer gets to enjoy a free product or service. A real win-win situation for everyone involved and a great alternative to traditional advertising!

6. Promote Your Salon Through Social Media

Websites are important, yet people are increasingly spending so much time on social media that social media promotion begins to take over traditional advertising. Make sure to set up accounts in all major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. These platforms often offer reasonable advertising options and can prove essential to boost your digital marketing efforts. Consider: writing posts about any special event or offer happening in your salon, offering discounts to customers who give you good reviews, etc. The key part here is interaction: the more you interact with customers, the better results you will get. Make them feel special!

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PDF Topic: "Top 5 Advertising Campaigns for Beauty Marketing "

7. Consider Hiring an Expert Agency

Not sure if you can handle digital marketing and advertising strategies all by yourself? Then why not consider hiring an expert agency to help you on your way towards crafting the perfect digital footprint for your salon. Contact us today to speak to one of our expert advisors!

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