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Using Twitter for marketing your beauty or hair salon is a great idea:

Because the best tweets are very short and very visual. The perfect medium for your business!

Plus, 43% of Twitter users will follow brands. More than they would on most other social media platforms.

Here's everything you need to know about how to promote your business on Twitter:

Using Twitter for marketing your beauty or hair salon – the basics

You really need to make sure you have the basics in place before you start working out how to create the most retweet-able tweet.

Before you can start planning how to promote your business on Twitter, you need to set up your account. This will include:

  • Your bio - Your bio can help you stand out if you do it right. Be sure to explain who you are and how and why you do what you do. You should be sure to include:

    - Your location

    - Your opening hours

    - A link to your website

    Keywords and the kind of industry terminology which people might be searching for in order to find you

  • Your cover and profile photo

    Your header image or cover photo is the main way people will have of associating with you. It's kind of like a massive poster for your business's online Twitter storefront.

    You can use it to tie into your latest marketing campaign – this will help people who find you know they are in the right place. Or you can use a picture of a recent event, your salon or your team doing their thing.

    Your profile photo should clearly visually represent your brand to anyone who sees it. You might prefer to use a shot of your salon or your logo, but many confident stylists also use a headshot of themselves.

  • Placing a pinned post

    Use a pinned post to explain a little more about who you are or to add a link to a great post about what you do.

  • Setting up links to your Twitter profile from elsewhere

    Make sure you add “follow us on Twitter” icons and buttons to your website, your blog and even on other social media channels.

    Some of your followers elsewhere might prefer to follow you on Twitter instead!

How to promote your business on Twitter – tweeting essentials

Now you've got the basics set up, it's time to start tweeting.

Here are some general things to bear in mind when using Twitter for marketing your hair or beauty salon:

  • Vary your Tweets
  • Constant Tweets about your beauty or hair salon and what you're up to will quickly become boring for your audience.

    Mix things up with “how-to” guides (use a link rather than posting the whole thing), other tips and talking about the latest trends.

    You can find a longer list of ideas to tweet about in our other article on how to use Twitter to promote your business.

  • Keep them short and sweet
  • Twitter is all about saying what you've got to say in as few characters as possible. People are much more likely to Retweet shorter Tweets. It's a good idea to leave at 20 characters spare at minimum to help them do so.

    If you need to include more information, use a link. Be sure to use a URL-shortening tool to keep that link short too.

  • Don't forget to include keywords
  • Include keywords in your Tweets as you would for other online marketing for your salon.

    Some of the most popular Twitter keywords for beauty salons and hairdressers include:

    • - Hair salon
    • - Hairdressers
    • - Hair offers
    • - Beauty salon
    • - Beauty services
    • - Beauty offers

    Be sure to feature your location as well, in the standard “hair salon in {your town/ part of the city}” format.

    That said, your audience is your primary focus. Don't shoe-horn keywords in at the expense of readability. You'll end up making things appear keyword-stuffed and obvious.

  • Include some images or video
  • Including some visuals with your tweets is a sure way to get more interactions from it. You can include up to four images (make them good ones) or video clips with your tweets.

  • Use hashtags in your beauty salon Twitter marketing
  • Hashtags are a really useful way of expanding the reach of your tweets to other audiences. After all, almost anyone who types in that hashtag has a chance of seeing your Tweet!

    You can use any of the many hashtag tools out there – or Twitter's own analytics tool – to see how well your posts with hashtags are performing. You will then be able to work out how to get more out of them.

  • Tweet regularly
  • One of the most vital Twitter marketing tips is not to forget your account! Keep people engaged with what you have to say on a regular basis and they are more likely to interact with you as a matter of course.

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Do you need more Twitter marketing tips for your hair or beauty salon?

Let's talk! Local Fame helps hair and beauty salons in London and around the world get the very best from their Twitter marketing.

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